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We no longer sell Durex condoms but if you have only bought this brand from us in the past we hope we can convince you that it's worth trying the excellent Pasante brand - available in our Condoms Shop.


Pasante brand condoms carry both the BSI Kite Mark and the European CE mark of quality and are the Number One brand supplied to NHS clinics. They are also sold at major supermarkets, chemists/pharmacies and drug stores etc through the UK.


As well as the excellent quality of this brand there is an down-to-earth cost reason to try them too!   We are currently offering all types of the 72 size packs at just £19.99* which works out at under 28p per condom. (Smaller pack sizes are available).


Here' s a list of some of the more popular Durex condoms showing our suggestion of a Pasante condom which we think is similar:


Durex Fetherlite /Elite / Thin Feel  - These are thinner latex and Pasante Sensitive is similar.


Durex Extra Safe - These are thicker latex and Pasante Extra Safe is similar.


Durex Close Fit / Close Feel - These are narrower and Pasante Trim is similar.


Durex Pleasuremax / Exite Me / Pleasure Me / Sensation / Ribbed / Tickle Me - These are textured condoms with Ribs, Studs (Dots)  or combined Ribs & Studs - Pasante Ribbed or Pasante Dotted or Pasante Ribs & Dots are similar.


Durex Taste Me - These are a coloured and flavoued condom and Pasante Flavours are similar.


Durex Performa - This condoms has a lubricant designed to prolong lovemaking - Pasante Delay is similar.


Durex Latex Free / Avante Ultimo - Non latex for people with a latex allergy - Paante Sensiva* are similar.




* The £19.99 offer excludes Pasante Sensiva non latex condoms which are not available in a 72 size pack.